There are deep roots to materials and magic, and how cultures have used them for strength and to get through  life. Fur, feathers and bone have given courage and speed. Stones and minerals lent magicalpowers. Metals have yielded wealth and influence. Earth and plant pigments have been utilised to drawsymbols on skin and clothing. The materials have also been employed to create magical costumes andaccessories: invisibility cloaks, enchanted shoes and medallions with special powers. 
Here, the focus has also been to examine the materials and then create form, design and fashion. Trying out different techniques to find their own style, and then construct shapes and silhouettes. Through  experiments, research, sketching and draping, the materials have been developed into their own styles and  fashion designs. Beyond the given, the first impulse, into something completely new. Something magical.
In this project, students have explored the creation of Magic from Materials. You could say that this is every fashion designer’s task: to conjure up moods, personality, feelings and beauty with fabric. To transform a flat  piece of cloth into shape and movement – life – that is relevant to the world we live in today.