This collection visualises my interpretation of dreams and nightmares. Experiences from the night, while asleep and dozing.
How we move around in sleep and are embedded in several simultaneous events at one and the same moment. We jump between different sections and networks.
The dream narrative can shift, from scary to harmonious in a matter of seconds. Being consciously unconscious.
Is the experience real? It is both distinct, hazy, soft, heavy, light and hard. I chose to focus on weaving, since I am passionate about it.


Tufting and waffle weave, where the warp forms holes. Weave dipped in wood glue and water for moulding. Saddle soap and varnish. Plain knitting dipped in glue and hand-knit rope. Hand-dyed sections.


Alice Svensson Brostedt


Captured Surrounded by Dreams in Real Unreality